What some may see as trash floating in our oceans, one group sees it as an opportunity. On the coast of Africa, flip-flops wash-up and are left on the beaches. At ocean sole africa they turn those flip flops into works of art and functional products. Not only does this company make an environmental impact by cleaning these beaches, they also raise awareness of the issue of trash in our oceans. If that weren’t enough they are also creating jobs in a country where the unemployment rate is 40%. It is amazing what these people are doing and we want to share that with you. 

Currently in the Woodbridge Center Mall you can take a look into what exactly ocean sole africa can do. Inky the octopus is on one of their creations that was made 100% by hand and 100% from recycled flip-flops. This is such a special group of people and we want to help share their love for our environment and allow you to see the impact they have created and possibly fuel your interest into how you can help clean up our planet. 

As a small company trying to make a big impact they are always looking for help. This can be as small as donating money so they can sponsor a beach clean up or sponsoring them to go speak at conservation events. They are also looking for retail partners to sell their products. You can find all this and more at their website. 

Do not miss your opportunity to see a true work of art at your local mall. Ocean sole africa is a testament to what we can do with “trash”.  We can all do our own part and with each new hand helping, we can truly make a difference. Maybe you can turn trash into your own pieces of art.

We want to help as much as we can, which is why we are excited for SeaQuest to open up in the Woodbridge Mall this fall. With this opening we will be able to teach more people about conservation and share our love for animals.