7 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids in Denver


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As the fall and holiday seasons are quickly approaching, it may be quite the challenge to find somewhere for all family ages indoors for everyone to enjoy. Your family outing should be a memorable experience for all! Look at seven of the best family-friendly indoor activities in the Denver area!

Explore a Candy Factory!

Explore all the candy of your heart’s desire at Hammond’s Candy Factory! You can schedule a free Candy factory tour to watch how fresh candy and lollipops are made in the production line! Kids can observe this process and learn from the employees who make the candy while discovering the ins and outs of how they make their lollipops and candy canes! Tours will last up to thirty minutes, and you can grab some candy from the store on your way out to treat yourselves and your family.

Take a Flight at the Air and Space Museum

Take your family on a journey through space and learn all about the importance of aerospace history! The Wings Museum also has multiple interactive exhibits at the Exploration of Flights, where you will experience the thrill of learning in a flight simulator! Explore the world of aviation for an interactive and educational adventure! Immerse yourself in one of the best space aviation facilities on the planet for a journey that is ‘out of this world!’

Meet Land and Sea Animals at SeaQuest!

SeaQuest Littleton is a wildlife experience like no other zoo you have ever been to, with 300 species of exotic animals. It is the ultimate adventure for animal lovers of all ages, where you can touch, feed, and engage with every animal!! Take a quest through all five continents and connect with exotic creatures through hands-on activities that allow you to learn about each animal’s ecosystem and natural habitat. Whether it’s hand-feeding sharks, birds, or other tropical animals, you will find and learn about animals in a whole new way at SeaQuest.

Animal Interactions at SeaQuest Littleton

  • Take a Dive with our Stingrays!
    • Come face to face with our Stingrays, sharks, and other tropical animals for an unforgettable experience in our warm tropical waters without the travel hassle! Our waters are 70-76 degrees, and all you need to bring is a towel and bathing suit. We will provide all of your wetsuit and snorkeling gear!
  • Wallaby Encounter
    • You can glimpse some wildlife in Australia when you experience our Wallaby Interaction! Since wallabies are closely related to Kangaroos, they will hop around while you feed them yummy snacks. Remember to take a selfie with the most extraordinary mammals around SeaQuest!
  • Meet the Sugar Gliders
    • Enjoy an educational interaction with some of our adorable Sugar Gliders! You’ll meet these cute nocturnal animals as you enter a dark room to mimic the nighttime. Experience these creatures like never before with this once-in-a-lifetime experience to cross off your bucket list!

Learn more about our adventure bundles for your next visit on our website!


Eat and Play

At Ace Eat Serve, you can grab some food and enjoy game time in their ping pong hall; it’s fun for all ages! Dine in and eat some Asian cuisine, or grab some with some dinner or dessert for a memorable time. You can enjoy live music every Saturday and a DJ for Sunday brunch on the weekend!

Arcade Fun

Enjoy all the different activities at Boondocks, where you can play various games, whether video games, go-karts, bowling, or a ropes course. There is a fun activity for all ages. Whether a small family gathering or a big group, boondocks are fun for everyone!

Children’s Museum of Denver

Spark your children’s imagination at the Children’s Museum of Denver. With multiple hands-on playscapes and interactive building activities, this place is recommended for all kids ages ten and under. This museum provides an enjoyable learning environment for kids to explore.

Denver Firefighter Museum

Visit the captivating museum and inspire your younger kiddos with this, a first look at firefighter safety and history. The museum offers essential safety measures, such as how to make a 9-1-1 call. It allows you to dive deeper into the rich history of the Denver Firefighter Museum. Locals in the area can even participate in interactive classes and other events for the community to help young kids learn all about the vital role firefighters have in our society. 

Your next family outing can be memorable in a way that isn’t expensive or takes up a chunk of your day. Just one hour of everyone’s attention doing something out of the ordinary can bring your family closer and give you even more memories to look back on.


SeaQuest is committed to protecting our world’s oceans, wildlife, and endangered animals. We focus on how to be proactive in finding solutions. To learn how your family can purchase yearly memberships for fun family adventures, visit SeaQuest today or stop by any of the following locations: Utah, Las Vegas, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Sacramento, Minneapolis, Lynchburg, and New Jersey.

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