A Family Destination Sure To Please

August 9, 2020

Is your family bored at home? If so, it might just be time to set out an adventure! SeaQuest     is the perfect destination. With fish, reptiles, mammals, and even amphibians, there’s a creature here that’s sure to fascinate everyone.


Family Outings With Toddlers

Going on a family outing with a toddler can be a difficult proposition. At SeaQuest    , we have plenty of ways to keep your toddler entertained throughout the day. We have a variety of amazing animals to see, and walking around SeaQuest is like taking a trip around the world! Toddlers — and even adults — are sure to love watching the various animals as they go about their day. 

Our facility isn’t just a great place to watch the animals! We have a wide variety of animals you can get up close with. Our interactive exhibits have something for people of every age, from hand-feeding sharks in the Shark Lagoon to interacting with flocks of friendly birds in the Mayan Jungle. 


Fun Kids Activities

Even the most fun experience can be made educational, and what better example is there than at SeaQuest    ? There are tons of fun activities for your family at SeaQuest, but one game that always seems to be a winner is the ABC Scavenger hunt!

In the ABC Scavenger Hunt, kids have to find one animal whose name starts with every letter of the alphabet. For example, African Clawed Frogs, Ball Python, and California Round Rays could be the animals for ABC. Some of the letters will be very tricky to get, in those cases you might want to take a look at the scientific names of the animals. There may even be some animals whose name starts with the letter you’re looking for so make sure to keep a close eye out!


Other Fun Games To Play At SeaQuest    

  • Scavenger Hunt — Can you find all the animals on the list?
  • Compare and Contrast two different species of sharks or fish and decide which one you think is better!
  • Living or Nonliving — make a list of the different things you see around the aquarium that are either living (like fish) or nonliving (like the sand). Some of the things you can see at the aquarium might surprise you in which category they fall into.
  • Before you head to SeaQuest    , make a list with your kids on what animals you think would or wouldn’t see at the aquarium! Check them off as you go and see how right you were. 

Not convinced we’re the perfect family destination yet? Why not learn more about some of the inhabitants that call our facility home! The Blacktip Reef Shark will captivate everyone who sees this amazing predator. If you’re looking to get hands-on with a scaly friend, the Iguana might just be what you’re looking for.

Make sure to book your tickets for family fun at SeaQuest     today! Buy your SeaQuest Tickets here!

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