SeaQuest Is Open!

SeaQuest Is Open!

SeaQuest is open and we are thrilled to start creating treasured, lasting memories with our community. As always, safety is our top priority and we continue to take steps to keep you, our employees, and our animals safe. From hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the facility to social distancing circles, the addition of UV lights and the use of saltwater tanks.

Our trained safety team is actively cleaning the SeaQuest environment around the clock. SeaQuest has spared no effort to ensure a clean environment and the peace of mind that allows your family to create memories together without fear.

If you’ve been to SeaQuest in the past, you know you get tons of Vitamin SEA as you quest through the Amazon Rainforest, Iceland, our New Zealand caves, the hot and dry Egyptian Desert, and of course into the sprawling Caribbean Cove – the highlight for many stay-cationers!

Tourism Safety

Tourism safety concerns and the desire to avoid crowded airplanes have caused many to miss out on long hoped-for trips this year. At SeaQuest, your family can experience 5 continents of wonder, interact with wildlife from all over the planet, and still be home in time for dinner.

Our mission of creating unforgettable memories is more important now than ever, but in order to accomplish that, we recognize that the first step is safety and peace of mind.

Come and experience social distancing at its “FIN”-est as we take you on a quest of excitement at a destination committed to safety and smiles. 

Animal Care During Quarantine

You  might be wondering about animal care these past few months. We want to thank our dozens of husbandry managers, licensed veterinarians (and their teams), who provide uninterrupted enrichment and engagement, fresh high-quality diets, and tons of love for over 20,000 animals under their care.

We recently coordinated the rescue of over a dozen freshwater fish who had desperately outgrown their 180-gallon tank. This week they moved into their new 11,000 gallon home in our Amazon Rainforest exhibit!

Over the quarantine period, we had another successful clutch of axolotls (a critically endangered species), marking over 400 axolotls that we’ve successfully bred so far. 

Our work of successful propagation, rescue, and providing a happy and safe place for animals continues uninterrupted.

Back to Fun

Our work of creating smiles and memories for our guests has resumed. It’s a good thing too, because buying truckloads of salt, krill, fruits, veggies, and making sure our husbandry team is paid never stopped!

Most importantly, we want you back and we need you back!

As you missed seeing the thousands of amazing animals under our care, we missed you. Now that we’re back, we are once again ready to teach you about our planet and the wonderful creatures who share the earth with humanity.

We invite you back to embark on a Quest of edu-tainment and wonder once again. Come and be inspired by old friends, and discover new ones. 

Let SeaQuest continue to be a place of safety and smiles that you have to SEA to believe!