9 Fun Date Night Ideas in Connecticut!

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A couple camps near the lake

Spending some quality time with your significant other is important to keep things healthy in your relationship and also to bring a little fun and excitement into the mix. It seems harder these days to come up with fun or romantic things to do as a couple on date night. You may be on the hunt for something different, unique, and unforgettable!  Well, here are some other exciting date night ideas in Connecticut!

Explore a New Place or Activity 

Exploring together can be a chance for you and your partner to expand your interests! It’s an excellent way to grow together as a couple!  Get ready to expand your mind and enjoy the change of scenery in one of these unique locations:

  • Connecticut College Arboretum: The Connecticut College Arboretum provides a refreshing connection with the natural world and is the perfect place to get away for recreation and reflection. With over 750 acres of Plant Collections including the Native Plant Collection, the Caroline Black Garden, and Natural Areas including Mamacoke Island and Bolleswood, there is so much area to explore together. Start at sunrise and stay until sunset. The trails are great for hiking or casual strolling.
  • Norwalk Seaport Harbor Lighthouse: Get some fresh sea air! The Norwalk Seaport Association restored and now maintains Sheffield Island Lighthouse. Sheffield Island is home to the historic lighthouse, along with beaches and a wildlife refuge. Though only open from May through September, you and your sweetie can catch a ferry over to the island and then tour the lighthouse, observe wildlife in their natural habitat, hunt for shells along the beach, dine on a picnic lunch, and just some quality time together.
  • Visit SeaQuest Connecticut: With over ten locations across the US, SeaQuest Connecticut is one of the most unique, thrilling, and interactive attractions you’ll ever visit! The ultimate land and sea adventure, SeaQuest offers hands-on encounters that let you connect with animals and wildlife from around the globe! SeaQuest is the perfect place to have a day date together. Experience unique animal encounters with your significant other. Whether it’s hand-feeding birds, petting reptiles, or meeting an Australian wallaby, it will be an unforgettable date night! You can even snorkel with stingrays together! They provide everything you need; from the wetsuit, snorkeling gear, and rays of all sizes. Finish off your date adventure with a relaxing foot soak in the fish spa – your skin will thank you later.

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Take a Class Together!

Learning something new together is not only fun, but it’s romantic too. It’s a great way to spend an evening and create a closer connection through new experiences. Some ideas include:

  • Culinary Works!: It’s time to heat up the pans and get those aprons on! At Culinary Works you can take a variety of different cooking classes in Stamford.  There’s a specialized date night class where you and your partner will prepare and cook a 5-course meal together! It’s a great time to try something new together and learn recipes from all over the world. You can show off your new cooking skills at home to the rest of the family!
  • Pinot’s Palette: Get your paint on by taking an art or painting class together! Pinot’s Palette in Stamford is a great date night option for you and your significant other. Sip a glass of some fine wine and take turns painting a portrait of each other, or try to do a painted selfie! That’s sure to create some long-lasting memories.
  • Get Your Bake On! Foodology in Plantsville offers classes for couples to gain new techniques or fine-tune skills in baking! You’ll get a chance to learn how to make and decorate cookies, do croissants from scratch, or even homemade cinnamon buns! It’s such a “sweet” way to spend quality time with your sweetie.

Go For A Little Adventure

Why not add a little excitement and adventure on your next date? Keep in mind this doesn’t mean you have to participate in an “extreme” sport. Rather, consider activities that you will both enjoy that get you outside and get your heart racing!

  • Beach Camping: Take an overnight camping trip for 2 at Hammonasset Beach State Park. Swim in the ocean waters, collect seashells, build a sandcastle, relax, or take a long walk along the 3/4 mile boardwalk. There are also a number of fun summer activities including nature talks, bingo, movies, horseshoes, bocce, and volleyball. It will be an amazing staycation fit for two.
  • Visit Montana in Connecticut? Grab a drink, pick up an axe, and go to town – or Montana? Montana Nights Newington is a place of camaraderie, conversation, and the friendliest of competition. Throwing axes together is a great way to relieve some tension and let out all the stress. It will certainly be an entertaining and enjoyable date experience!
  • Sleigh Ride Away: If you happen to be celebrating a special occasion in the colder months or want to partake in a holiday date night, then a winter Sleigh Ride is a perfect idea! Take an invigorating journey through scenic snow-covered fields and country paths for a memorable, quintessentially Connecticut experience. It’s an unforgettable romantic ride for two, so bundle up, grab a cup of hot mulled cider, listen to the jingle bells, and enjoy!

A romantic date doesn’t have to be time-consuming, elaborate, or expensive, but it should be fun, and build great memories for years to come. If you are planning a special date night or looking for ideas for a getaway break for two, hopefully, some of the suggestions above will help in your planning journey! Make sure to capture those wonderful moments and post them to social media — share your date night adventure with others. You may just inspire a couple out there to try something new as well!

~Kristy Lussier

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