Event Venues in Denver


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Looking for a great place to host an event in Colorado? Look no further than Denver, where there are a number of amazing venues to choose from! From chic rooftops to elegant ballrooms, Denver has it all regarding event venues. Here’s a quick guide to some great venue options in the Mile High City!

SeaQuest Littleton

Looking for a unique event venue in the Denver metro area? Check out SeaQuest Littleton! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting an office party, or planning a private event, this is the perfect place to make all of your wildest animal wishes come true!

Their spacious facility can accommodate up to 70 guests, with plenty of tables and chairs available for all attendees. And if you need extra space for your special occasion, SeaQuest Littleton got you covered.

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Milestone High Station

Mile High Station was once a bustling industry hub, employing hundreds of Colorado artisans in the Midwest Steel and Ironworks building. Today, it is a monument to Denver’s industrial past. It offers a unique event setting with its large open floor plan, mezzanine, kitchen, brick bar, and updated amenities like plasma televisions.

Lyons Farmette

Located in the heart of Denver, the Lyons Farmette is a family-owned farm that offers a unique event space for weddings, corporate events, and more. Surrounded by organic flower gardens and friendly critters, the Farmette is an ideal escape from city life’s hustle and bustle. In addition to their stunning event space, the Lyons Family is passionate about supplying fresh fruits and vegetables for events at their venue.

Seawell Ballroom

Seawell Ballroom offers an array of floor plans to fit any need, with customized features such as oversized HD television sets and food & beverage service onsite. The venue also uses its tall ceilings for maximum visibility in all directions – an ideal combination that will impress your guests!

Butterfly Pavilion

Would you like to spend an afternoon surrounded by butterflies? The Butterfly Pavilion is a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing guests to mingle with real butterflies in an indoor rainforest setting. The Pavilion is a unique event space with plenty of seating options and various butterfly species worldwide.

In addition to hosting weddings, the Pavilion also offers catering services and children’s parties. Onsite experts are on hand to provide guests with the inside scoop on these amazing creatures.

Denver Downtown Aquarium

Denver Downtown aquarium does offer some family fun, along with upscale-casual dining featuring a variety of menu selections. The restaurant also has Mystic Mermaid Dining Shows up to four times a day. The family-friendly routines are set to music and the mermaids swim with such creatures as barracudas, nurse sharks, and eels.The Downtown Aquarium may feature a restaurant, banquet hall, theater, and more.

It’s no secret that Denver is one of the most beautiful cities in America. With its mountains, lakes, and rolling green hills, you can enjoy nature at every turn! And if it gets too lonely out there, head down downtown where all sorts of indoor activities await- museums galore, elegant art galleries with world-class artwork on display.

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