Field Trip Ideas in Atlanta


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It may still be scorching hot in the Atlanta area, but most schools are getting ready to head back to the classroom! By now, teachers are busy making lesson plans and mapping out educational activities for their new flock of learners. Field trips are an important part of the school year learning and teachers of elementary through high school students are always looking for new ideas. Downtown Atlanta, Dekalb, Cobb, and Fulton county are just a few districts gearing up for the school bell, but it’s never too early to get those field trips booked for the fall and winter semesters. From zoos and aquariums to museums and historic sites, this quick list of field trip ideas in the Atlanta area will be a helpful resource for teachers and school administrators!

Outdoor Field Trip Ideas

A Place to Park: Piedmont Park Conservancy

Found in the heart of midtown Atlanta, Piedmont Park Conservancy is a great way to take a break from classroom life and head out into the sun for fun learning! Students of any age can participate in some environmentally friendly outdoor learning activities. Piedmont Park Piedmont Park Conservancy offers exciting STEM education programs for all grade levels. For more information, check out our guide to STEM Education here. There’s a strong focus on science, math, and engineering activities. The park also has a walking tour that includes an introduction to the park’s vibrant past and present.

That’s History: The Smith Plantation in Roswell

Smith Plantation is located on 300 acres of land and was the home of Archibald Smith who traveled to Roswell in 1845 with his wife, children, and thirty slaves. Smith Plantation houses 10 original outbuildings, among them slave quarters and a spring house. The City of Roswell gained ownership of the property in 1986 and opened it to the public as a museum in 1991. Guided tours for groups of students can be reserved in advance. This is a great field trip option to have a day of history education on the itinerary.

Lots to Chat About:  Chattahoochee River NRA

Just north of downtown Atlanta, the Chattahoochee River NRA (National Recreation Area) strives to educate students all about the park and its wonderful natural resources. A Ranger will lead the group on a field study to explore the river and discuss other associated topics. The program is designed to help students understand the National Park Service and what their role plays in protecting our national parks in the US.

Indoor Field Trip Ideas 

Take A Dive on the Wild Side! SeaQuest Stonecrest

Experience underwater life like never before at SeaQuest Stonecrest the ultimate land and sea adventure!  SeaQuest offers a wide variety of field trip options for schools, designed to make learning fun and engaging. Students will interact with animals from all over the planet and learn about behind-the-scenes operations at SeaQuest! Age-specific Field Trip adventures are designed for learners of all ages. It’s a great field trip destination for students, parents, and teachers in the Atlanta area.

Excited kid holds marine life at SeaQuestKids Pet Stingrays in Aquarium Tank

It’s Refreshing! The World of Coca-Cola

World of Coca-Cola sits right the in middle of downtown Atlanta but you can’t miss this place – there’s a big bottle of soda on the side of the building! Exactly as it sounds, this is a museum of memorabilia, films, and exhibits (some view only, some interactive) all dedicated to the famous soft drink that debuted in Atlanta in 1886. A group field trip to this dynamic attraction will be educational, entertaining, and inspiring for the whole class. They also provide teachers with resources and a toolkit to help prepare for the trip beforehand, and they’ve made sure each class will experience activities that meet Georgia Performance Standards (for education.)

No Strings Attached: Center of Puppetry Arts

Well, there may be some strings. The Center for Puppetry Arts can be found near the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and you will definitely spot this location easily – the building is bright green! The center is just as its name says, a puppetry museum with a variety of exhibits, performances, workshops & classes. They offer an array of arts-infused learning experiences for children on the stage and in the museum. Workshops to “create a puppet” are some of the most fun and colorful days spent on a school field trip. The Center of Puppetry Arts is unlike most classroom adventures, and kids will surely remember this for years to come.

Atlanta has a long list of field trip options to choose from, with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities that can fit in any semester of the school year. There are a number of amazing, fun, and educational experiences out there when it comes to school field trips in Georgia. This list has some of the best of the best! From SeaQuest Stonecrest, to museums or artistic adventures, this list offers great suggestions to make a classroom learning experience feel like the trip of a lifetime!

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