Say ‘Hello’ to Honey the Kinkajou!

The Kinkajou is also known as a “honey bear” because it sometimes raids bees nests. They are omnivores, which means that their food is primarily fruit with the rest consisting of leaves, flowers and insects.

Kinkajous are native to South and Central America and are related to raccoons and coatimundi. They don’t weigh too much, usually between three and ten pounds, however they can grow as long as twenty four inches, not including their tail.  Their tail tail can grow as long as their body! It is called a ‘prehensile’ tail. This type of tail is very strong and allows the Kinkajou to grasp and hold objects as it is finding and eating food in trees. These little guys have soft, woolly fur, really cute big eyes, and small ears.

Kinkajous are very friendly and they love to explore. You can now get up close and personal with Honey right here in Roseville, Minnesota! For $19.95, plus the cost of admission for non-members, you can visit SeaQuest at the Rosedale Center to see, touch and feed a kinkajou today. Interaction times are at 11,1,3,5 and 7pm, for as many as five guests at each time. Book online at

SeaQuest also offers Kinkajou interactions in Layton, Utah, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Trumbull, Connecticut. It is a fun experience for guests of all ages and it makes a great gift! Click the link below to book a Kinkajou interaction at your nearest SeaQuest faciliyt.