Need to Relax? Have a Day at the SeaQuest Spa!


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Stress and anxiety can make it feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. They can negatively affect your health and cause unneeded tension. If there’s one thing we all deserve during prolonged moments of strain, it’s a spa day; and believe it or not, your oasis for relaxation is closer than you think!

At SeaQuest [city][state], we not only offer a day of adventure but tranquility. We do this through our unique Fish Spa experience. This relaxing spa is your chance to unwind while Doctor Fish gently exfoliates your feet. But what exactly are Doctor Fish, and what do they do?

Doctor! Doctor Fish!

This may come as a surprise, but Doctor Fish is not the scientific name for these little creatures. In fact, they are known as Gara rufa and are native to subtropical parts of Western Asia. They received the surname “Doctor Fish” for their tendency to feed on the dead skin cells on people’s feet. They were integrated into spa treatments in the early 2000s and have provided natural exfoliation since. 

This micro-massage sensation creates smoother and healthier skin. It can also release tension and stress, or drive you into a fit of giggles! Ticklish people beware. 

This relaxing spa experience is unique to [city][state], and it is one you’ll want to enjoy with friends and family.

Relax with Friends in Style!

Why relax alone when you can enjoy this spa with good company! Here are some suggestions of who you can exfoliate with:

  • Your Best Friends
  • Your Significant Other
  • Your Parents
  • Your Kids

Don’t just make it a spa date; make it a SeaQuest date!

Book Your Spa Date Today!

To book your Fish Spa appointment, there are a couple of things you’ll want to do. 

First, you should purchase Single Day Passports to SeaQuest [city][state] online. You’ll then want to pick a time and book your Fish Spa appointment. This is one of SeaQuest’s’ popular experiences, so don’t wait! Book your spot online before it swims away.

Lastly, when you arrive at SeaQuest, let the staff know that you’re there for a Fish Spa. We recommend you arrive early so you can interact with over 1,200 animals! Take the time to travel through the California Coast, Amazon Rainforest, Egyptian Desert, and more! While you’re at it, check out some of the exclusive animal encounters and feed various exotic creatures. 

If you want to learn more about all SeaQuest has to offer, check out Staycation At SeaQuest. We can’t wait to see at our unique Fish Spa experience as you naturally exfoliate the stress away!


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