Toothless’ previous owners had been nursing him back to health after having rescued him from a tank where larger fish had bitten off his tail and parts of his limbs.  When they came to SeaQuest Littleton and saw the axolotl tank, they instantly knew that it would be his happiest home and best care for his recovery.

In March 2019 when Toothless moved in, most of his limbs and part of his tail had regrown.  While he still has some progress to make for a full recovery, Toothless loves visitors and will swim right up to the glass to see them.  He loves to eat earthworms and has plenty of room to swim, as well as a group of axolotl friends that he loves to snuggle up with!

SeaQuest is grateful to be actively involved in both preserving and saving the lives of many animals that would otherwise not survive in the wild, rehabilitating injured animals, and even acting as an exotic pet rescue for animals from homes where they have outgrown their habitats and need re-homing, such as parakeets, iguanas, pythons, and large fish.  If you have an animal that needs re-homing, contact your local SeaQuest and we will be happy to help give them a new home.


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