Slowest Animal On the Planet

Can you guess which animal is labeled as one of the slowest on the planet? Here’s a hint: they spend most of their life hanging upside down in trees, and 15-20 hours of their day sleeping. 

Not only are they one of the most extraordinarily unique animals in the animal kingdom, but they are also one of the world’s most adorable. 

Figure it out yet? You guessed it, it’s the sloth!

SeaQuest, the world’s fastest-growing interactive aquarium and petting zoo, now features an amazing sloth encounter and experience near you. 

With a sloth petting zoo right around the corner, it’s natural to want to visit these intriguing, fuzzy faced, upside down, slow-moving, gentle mammals.

Sloth Petting Zoo Near Me

sloth at seaquest aquarium

During your SeaQuest sloth encounter and experience near you, you’ll learn some fun and fascinating facts about sloths. 

For example, did you know that there are different types of sloths? There are both ”Two-Toed” and ”Three-Toed” sloths, and six different species. The sloth species includes the:

  1. Pygmy three-toed sloth
  2. Maned sloth
  3. Pale-throated sloth
  4. Brown-throated sloth
  5. Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth
  6. Hoffman’s two-toed sloth

The number one question visitors ask when going to a sloth petting zoo near them, and seeing a sloth for the first time, is “Why do sloths hang upside down?”; interestingly enough, a sloth will spend 90% of its life hanging upside down in its natural tree-filled habitat. 

They do this because of their physiology. 

A sloth’s main organs are attached to their ribcage, so by hanging upside down, they’re able to expand their lungs and breathe.  

At the sloth attraction closest to you, you will learn that sloths also have one of the slowest metabolic rates in the animal kingdom, which is why they spend most of their day dozing off and sleeping. 

One reason they move so slow is because of their diet of leaves, buds, stems, and some fruit. 

When awake, sloths will slowly migrate from tree to tree using the canopy of vines within the tropical rainforests located in Central and South America.  

Sloth Encounter Experience

With SeaQuest’s new sloth encounter and experience, you don’t have to travel to the tropical rainforest of Central or South America to interact with these amazing creatures. 

You can now experience what it’s like to interact and pet a sloth right in your local mall! 

Not only are they one of the funniest animals to interact with, but their natural curiosity will find them looking at themselves in a mirror, holding your phone while taking a selfie, and gently borrowing your sunglasses right off your face. 

The SeaQuest petting zoo and sloth encounter will allow you to:

  • Enter the sloth enclosure
  • Pet, hold and feed the sloth
  • Take pictures with the sloth
  • Learn interesting sloth facts
  • Learn about sloth behavior and diet
  • Learn about sloth biology, ecology, and conservation efforts
  • and much more!

Your local SeaQuest’s Two-toed sloth is ready and waiting for your visit. 

Your memorable sloth interaction will be hosted by one of our expert SeaQuest trainers and they will provide details into the care and nurturing of our sloths. 

You’ll also learn more about sloth conservation efforts and what you can do to help protect these beautiful and unique animals.

The SeaQuest sloth interaction is an experience that is fun, entertaining, nearby, and educational for the whole family!