At SeaQuest, we LOVE what we do. We love connecting people with amazing animals and marine life from around the planet.

You can never know too much and you should never stop learning. That is why SeaQuest serves as an exceptional educational experience.

So we wanted to share with you some fun and intere-sting facts about one of the unique marine species that call SeaQuest home. 

Facts About Stingrays

  • There are over 75 different species of stingrays!
  • Stingrays don’t have bones; instead, they are made up of 100% cartilage!
  • A baby stingray is called a pup, just like a baby shark!
  • Their long tails are used for defense, also known as a barb!
  • River-rays are also closely associated with stingrays but live in freshwater rivers.
  • Typically, stingrays search for shrimp, clams, snails, small fish and oysters near or under the sand. 

Stingray Habitat

child with stingray at SeaQuest

Stingrays are flattened fish and one of the coolest looking creatures of the sea. They come in many shapes and sizes and are also closely related to sharks! They live in shallow, calm coastal waters in tropical and subtropical areas.

Stingrays usually spend their days buried beneath the sand and moving with the motions of the waves.

When they’re not peacefully drifting, you can find stingrays searching for their next meal. 

Because their eyes are on the top of their head and their mouth is underneath their body, they can’t actually see what they’re eating.

Stingrays use their senses just like we do! For them to pick up their prey, they use their senses of touch, smell, hearing and by detecting the electrical signals admitted by its prey. Stingrays are carnivores, which means they eat animals that are smaller than themselves.

Swimming With Stingrays

One of the best things about SeaQuest is that it was made for you to experience MORE.

Part of swimming with stingrays is exposing yourself to more than just feeding stingrays.

Conquer your fears, create lasting memories, learn about the unique traits stingrays embrace and dive right into your next adventure!

Brace yourselves and get ready to hold your breath as our stingray experts take you under the sea to learn all about stingray habitats, stingray biology, the underwater ecosystem and other beautiful big fish that call SeaQuest home.