Take an EpicQuest at SeaQuest!

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It’s the ultimate of the ultimate at SeaQuest: An epic journey through 5 continents, animal feeding, working as a zookeeper, and so much more! 

Where Does EpicQuest Take You?

This 3-hour EpicQuest will begin by taking you and your group on a guided safari adventure through 5 continents, where you’ll get to hand feed animals in each area. You’ll learn about the Amazon rainforest, Mayan Jungle, the Egyptian Desert and so much more. From snakes and tortoises to exotic birds and a variety of shark species, you’ll meet so many amazing and magnificent creatures from around the globe.

What Do You Get to See During an EpicQuest?

You’ll get a “backstage” look at SeaQuest! Become an official Animal Whisperer and help the staff prepare food for the daily animal feeding routine and learn how we provide animals with fun enrichment activities! You love to play and so do our animal friends – so you’ll have a chance to teach them a new trick or two!

What Kind of Animals Will You Encounter on an EpicQuest?

Spend some quality time with your new wildlife & marine pals by participating in a variety of different animal encounters. You can spend time in the parakeet aviary, visit with the tegus and lizards and dip your hands into the ray tank! Don’t worry, our little rays don’t bite, but they sure do love food treats! Face your fears, if you dare – are you ready to pet a snake or hold a tarantula? On this epic quest, you’ll do just that!

Your journey concludes with a Fishy Kisses treat, where you can soak your feet in some nice, relaxing water. Remember to stop by the gift shop to grab some SeaQuest merch and don’t forget to take and share selfies with our animal friends. You’ll be able to say “I Survived EpicQuest!” with pride.

Book Your EpicQuest Adventure Today!

Cost: $499

Group: 1-8 people

Time: Around 3 hours

Included in your EpicQuest Package:

  • Free admission with group purchase
  • 3 Hours of Guided Adventure time
  • Unlimited feedings for one animal at each continent
  • Backstage look at SeaQuest
  • Education on feeding, training, and enrichment for the animals
  • Conservation lessons and a craft project
  • Your choice of 2 premium encounters or 1 extended Snorkeling adventure
  • 3 feeding tokens per guest
  • Fishy kisses treatment
  • A $50 credit to purchase items in our gift shop!


What You’ll Need: 

  • Reservations are required
  • A supervising adult must participate if the encounter includes a child under 10.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to check-in.


If You Choose the Extended Snorkel Adventure

What You’ll Need: 

  • A swimsuit, towel, and an extra shirt just in case a wetsuit in your size isn’t available.
  • Arrive 30 minutes in advance of the scheduled time.
  • Guests must be able to swim 100 yards. Guests who cannot swim are allowed to snorkel with a supervising adult and must bring a life jacket.
  • Advanced reservations are required for all participants in this attraction.


What We Provide:

  • A wetsuit and snorkeling gear.
  • 45 minutes of snorkel adventure time.
  • 15 minutes pre/post snorkel to change


What are you waiting for? Book your EPIC Quest Adventure with us TODAY!

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