Things More Dangerous Than Shark Attacks

August 20, 2020

A beach is a place for soaking up the sun and catching waves. It’s a site that brings happiness and relaxation. That is until a dreaded word is shared amongst beachgoers. Shark!

For US citizens, shark attacks cause fear, panic, and anxiety. Movies like Jaws re-enforce this trepidation by using images of aggressive sharks attacking innocent people. The extreme fear of sharks and shark attacks is known as Galeophobia. Although individuals with Galeophobia have trouble with the mere mention of sharks, there is data proving other factors are more dangerous than shark attacks. So, what would those include?

A Bolt Of Lightning 

Both Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks are fast, but they don’t have lightning speed. According to data from the Florida Museum of Natural History, you have a 1 in 79,746 chance of dying from a bolt of lightning. This statistic is quite shocking compared to a 1 in 3,748,067 chance of dying from a shark attack. 

A Cozy Bed

Your bed may feel comfy, but swimming or fishing in the ocean may be safer. In the US, an average of 450 people die from falling out of their bed. It is an unusual statistic, but the number of deaths is high compared to shark attacks. On average, there is only one death every two years from shark attacks.

Strolling On A Bicycle 

You may want to be careful the next time you take a stroll around town on your bicycle. From 1990 - 2009, the US recorded 15,011 bicycle fatalities. During that same period, there were only 14 shark attack fatalities. This goes to show that people are more secure in water with sharks than on land on a bike.

Coconut Collision

Coconuts can serve many purposes— they can be used for milk, oil, mouthwash, and more. But the last thing you want is for one to fall on your head. Unfortunately, over 100 deaths are recorded every year due to coconuts falling on human heads. That average is 30 times deadlier than being attacked by a shark.

Other Causes Riskier Than Shark Attacks

  • Train Crash
  • Fireworks
  • Bear Attacks
  • Wasps
  • Excessive Cold

So whether you’re slightly scared or absolutely terrified of sharks, know your chances of being attacked by one is extremely slim. Also, consider with over 500 species of sharks, most are not confrontational. For more information about the different types of sharks, check out The Six Types of Shark That Call SeaQuest Home.

How dangerous are sharks

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