SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium was built as a place for families to spend time together and gain an increased appreciation for wildlife. When your family visits SeaQuest, you begin a quest of education and fun. Your quest will take you all around the world from the Amazon Rainforest to the Egyptian Desert, the Caribbean and beyond.

To elevate your interactive experience, SeaQuest offers feeding opportunities in many of our exhibits. We believe that interaction is one of the best ways for both children and adults to learn about amazing animals from all over the planet. You can elevate your interactive experience by feeding the animals. All it takes is a few Activity Tokens, which are exchanged for food.


One of our most exciting exhibits is Octavia, our Giant Pacific Octopus. Just like most of our animals, you can interact with her! Shaking tentacles not enough? You can elevate your octopus encounter by having a SeaQuest team member give you an individual, educational experience and let you feed Octavia for only three tokens!


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