This spectacular cephalopod comes from the cold, oxygen rich coastal waters of the north Pacific coastline. The largest of the octopus family, our Octavius is almost 6′ in length with a mantle (head) the size of a basketball and can grow as large as 14′ and weigh up to 110 pounds.

On your next visit to SeaQuest, be sure and shake tentacles with Octavius and even hand feed him crayfish!

Here’s a sneak peek video of Octavius in his new habitat in our California Coast exhibit and one during his feeding time!

More Facts About The Giant Pacific Octopus:

Adult Giant Pacific Octopuses usually reach an arm span of only 14 feet, but the longest ever discovered was 32 feet! Long-lived compared to other octopuses, they usually live only 3 – 5 years in the wild.

Giant Pacific Octopus eat mollusks, crustaceans and fish. Prey is captured with suckers and broken open or bitten with their hard beak.

Octopuses have the ability to change color using special cells known as chromatophores, which they mainly use to camouflage themselves. Another form of protection is their ability to release a dark ink that confuses and blinds predators as the octopus escapes.

Did you know? Octopuses are extremely intelligent, considered the most intelligent invertebrates. They can solve puzzles and mazes, use tools, and can squeeze through any space larger than their beak.

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