SeaQuest Fort Worth is excited to share with you one of our lesser known but very interesting animals, the Greater Siren! These aquatic salamanders are some of the largest amphibians found in North America. The Greater Siren can reach up to three feet long!

While sirens usually burrow in mud in the bottom of marshes and streams or hide among water plants, they occasionally venture on to dry land for short periods of time. Unlike most salamanders, some species of siren can vocalize! They make soft yelping or squeaking sounds when they’re out of the water.

These strange looking animals have an long, skinny body and range in color from black to brown, with lighter gray or yellow underbellies. They don’t have any hind limbs, just tiny front legs, and similar to Axolotl, they have external gills! But don’t take our word for it – come see them for yourself at SeaQuest Fort Worth!

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