Cuban Knight Anole

Where in the world?

Native to Cuba, but have been widely introduced in southern Florida.


Animal Facts:

The Cuban Knight Anole grows to a length of 13 – 20 inches, including the tail. A few specimens have reached up to 24 inches.

Knight anoles are fiercely territorial and will turn to face almost any potential threat. When confronting threats, the Anole will stand high on all fours, gape menacingly, turn different shades of green, puff itself up with air and will sometimes bob its head. Males also extend a reddish-white flap underneath the chin known as a dewlap.

When they’re young, their diet consists mainly of insects. As an adult, they eat larger prey such as tarantulas, other anoles, geckos and even some small birds and mammals.

Did you know?

Anoles can’t function in freezing temperatures. During winter freezes in South Florida, they can often be seen dropping from trees semiconsciously.



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July 30, 2019