Unicorn Tang

Where in the world?

Indo-Pacific reefs.


Animal Facts:

Juvenile Unicorn Tangs are a light green-grayish color with bright turquoise stripes. As adults, their color changes to a grayish with blue hues. Some species of Unicorn Tang grow horn like projection from their head.

Reaching, on average, 24 inches in length, Unicorn Tangs are native to the Indo-Pacific coral reefs, ‑from Africa to Hawaii.

Unicorn Tangs eat primarily algae and zooplankton.

Unicorn Tangs belong to the genus, Naso, which includes 20 different species in the surgeonfish family.

Did you know?

Unicorn Tangs that have horn like projections start growing their iconic horns when they are around 6 inches in length.



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July 30, 2019