American Mini Pig

Where in the world?

Bred in the United States from pig and boar species from the Americas, Europe, and Asia.


Animal Facts:

The American Mini Pig was bred from a variety of pig breeds to attain its small stature and characteristic coloring.  The Minnesota Mini Pig was bred from a cross of Black Guinea Hogs, Feral Boars, the Piney Rooter, and the Ras-n-Lama pigs from Guam.  Eventually, the Minnesota Mini Pig was crossed with the Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pigs from Germany to attain the spotted appearance with the miniature pot-bellied body.

Adult mini pigs are around 15 to 20 inches from ground to the top of the shoulders.  Mini pigs have a friendly disposition and are very intelligent and trainable, making them a popular chose of pet for pig-lovers.

If you have called your dog a pig for eating too much, it would be an accurate description!  It’s rare for a pig to turn up its snout at food.  Pigs are opportunistic omnivores, eating anything from leaves, roots, and fruits to insects and fish.

Did you know?

Since the American Mini Pig is a label that covers any miniature pot-bellied pig, there are many nicknames.  Some of these nicknames include Teacup, Micro, Super Micro, Nano, Pixie, and Pocket Pig.


  1. Sheila

    Hello I would like to know if the children can touch the mini pig, if so is there a free to do so. Also what other animals can my 2 year old touch? Thank you.

  2. Addie

    That is the cutest pig ever


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November 21, 2018