Argentine Black and White Tegu

Where in the world?

Tropical rain forests, savannas, and semi-deserts of east and central South America.


Animal Facts:

Sometimes called the Giant Tegu, the Black and White Tegu is the largest species of Tegu, with males sometimes reaching as long as 5 feet.  A healthy tegu can live for 15 – 20 years in the wild, and possibly even longer when in captivity at zoos, aquariums and as pets.

Tegus will eat nearly anything they can fit in their mouth.  Because they’re omnivores, their diet may include plants, fruit, invertebrates, rodents, birds, fish, and may seek out eggs from bird nests and the burrows of other reptiles.

Like many other cold-blooded species, Argentine Tegus go into brumation, which is a hibernation-like state, during the seasons with cooler temperatures. During the warmer seasons, Tegus become very active, journeying long distances from their den in search of food.

Did you know?

Argentine Tegus have unusually high intelligence. It has been observed and recorded that some will regularly and clearly seek out human affection, just as a dog or cat might. Some form a strong attachment to their keeper. Some have been reported to come on command; they can also be house-broken.

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November 27, 2018