Asian Forest Scorpion

Where in the world?

Tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia.


Animal Facts:

Asian Forest Scorpions live in the undergrowth of forests. They hide under rocks, logs or in other small spaces during the day, and come out to hunt at night.

Scorpions are most active on nights with little or no moon, as they are better hidden from predators. Though they can see in very low-light environments, they have blurry vision, so they use stiff hairs on their pincers, legs and tail to feel.

The venom of Asian Forest Scorpions is a neurotoxin, a paralyzing venom. It is considered weak to humans, but is very potent to their small invertebrate prey.

Did you know?

Scorpions are biofluorescent, meaning that incoming light of a specific color will make them glow a different color. Ultraviolet light makes scorpions fluoresce green or blue-green. Scientists haven’t been able to figure out why they glow.



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July 30, 2019