Asian Small-clawed Otter

Where in the world?

Southern India, southern China, Southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines.


Animal Facts:

The Asian small-clawed otter is the smallest living otter species in the world.  Its claws do not extend beyond its webbed fingers and toes.  This allows it to use its paws instead of its mouth to catch and feed on mollusks, crabs and other small animals.

Their ears are small and round and have a unique valve-like structure that enables them to close when swimming underwater.  Their whiskers are extremely sensitive to underwater vibrations and play a major role in sensing the movements of prey.

These furry fellows are threatened by rapid habitat destruction, hunting, and pollution.  Their population is decreasing despite being a protected species.  Asian small-clawed otters are classified as vulnerable because they are likely to become endangered unless the circumstances that are threatening their survival and reproduction improve.

Did you know?

The Asian small-clawed otter’s tail is about one-third of its total body length and is used to both propel and steer itself while swimming and to help maintain balance when standing upright on its back legs.


  1. Alicia Anspaugh

    Do you have a special encounter with the otters that I might get tickets for, I am looking to surprise my husband with either the otters, or snorkeling with the sharks.

  2. Antonio

    I’m wondering if there is an event to play with the otters! My gf loves them

  3. Connie Sue Hokanson

    I want to have an encounter with the otters. Do you have that there?

  4. Ed

    Definitely curious about sn encounter with the otters

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    I am also intrested in the otters. I am bringing my step kids tomorrow along with my friends and their kids. I have tried a calling and left to messages at Woodbridge location and the main office and have been unable to even make sure that you guys will be open on New Year’s Day so I am taking a chance. I also see that a few other people have already asked about the otters and have not Got an answer. What is the point of asking questions or calling if you cannot speak to anyone? That is my only complaint. This sounds like an awesome experience I just wanna know what it entails And that when we arrives tomorrow we will not be disappointed that you are closed. If you can please respond to this It would be greatly appreciated as I said we are coming tomorrow. Thanks

  6. Kathryn Goldberg

    Please advise if there is an interactive experience with Otters.

  7. Nicole

    Do you have a special encounter with the otters that I might be able to get tickets for, I am looking to surprise my son with the otters?

    • Elizabeth Essig

      I am interested in setting up an otter experience for the weekend of 3/21/2020. Is there still an otter experience? I am a member of SeaQuest.

  8. ottore lover

    can i like keep oan ottor pleade I want to durprise my firenmds and get one for a pet>:)))))


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November 8, 2018