Asian Water Monitor

Where in the world?

Mangroves, swamps and other wetlands of southern and Southeast Asia.


Animal Facts:

Adult Asian Water Monitors are usually around 5 feet long, though they have been reported to reach 9 feet in length.  They are the second-largest lizard following the Komodo Dragon.

These monitors are generalist carnivores, meaning they eat nearly any animal they can catch and consume.  They are fast hunters on both land and in the water, and commonly eat small mammals, fish, birds and their eggs, lizards, frogs, snakes and carrion.  These lizards have also been observed eating turtles and young crocodiles.

Like other monitors, Asian Water Monitors are pursuit hunters, directly chasing and overpowering prey rather than stalking and ambushing them.

Did you know?

Though Asian Water Monitors are semi-aquatic, they also dig burrows on land.  They burrow in river banks, digging a downward slope that may be 30 feet long and often end in a shallow pool of water.

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November 9, 2018