Australian Green Tree Frog

Where in the world?

Warm, wet, tropical climates of northern and eastern Australia and lowlands of New Guinea.


Animal Facts:

The Australian Green Tree Frog, also called White’s or Dumpy Tree Frog, is a plump and rather large frog that can grow up to 4.5 inches in length. Fully grown females are slightly larger than males. In captivity this tree frog can live about 16 years, which is longer than most frogs.

The body color depends on the temperature and nature of the environment, ranging from brownish or greyish green to bright emerald green. The frog occasionally has small, irregularly shaped white spots on its back. Males have a greyish, wrinkled vocal sac under the throat, while the throat of females is white.

Docile and not scared of humans, Australian Green Tree Frogs are often found on window sills or inside houses eating insects.

Did you know?

The Green Tree Frog screams when it is in danger to scare off its foe and squeaks when it is touched.



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July 31, 2019