Banded Archerfish

Where in the world?

Estuaries and mangrove forests of the Indo-Pacific Ocean and northern Australia.


Animal Facts:

The name archerfish comes from the ability of these fish to shoot insect prey off branches with projectile water. They also feed on floating debris such as insects and plant matter.

These fish have the ability to compensate for the refraction of light through water when aiming and shooting – this allows them to judge distances very accurately. This species can shoot prey up to 9 feet away!

Banded Archerfish are usually found in brackish estuaries and mangrove habitats, but are able to adapt to freshwater, sometimes traveling up rivers or streams.

Did you know?

Some consider these fish to be tool-users; they manipulate the water’s shape with mouthparts that cause the end of the stream to be faster than the beginning, so the water becomes a blob the instant before it hits the prey.



Posted on

July 30, 2019