Bearded Dragon

Where in the world?

Arid and semiarid regions of eastern and central Australia.


Animal Facts:

Bearded Dragons are named after the spine-covered pouch on the underside of the chin and neck, called a guttural pouch. This ‘beard’ is usually darker in males and turns nearly black during mating season when males use it in courtship displays.

The spiny scales on the Bearded Dragon’s neck, sides and head are not physically harmful, but visually deter or scare off predators.

Bearded Dragons communicate through posture gestures such as head-bobbing, hand-waving and darkening or lightening the color of their skin.

Did you know?

Bearded Dragons are one of the most common lizards in the pet trade, and it is thought that most of these captive-bred animals originated from illegal imports in the 1970s.



Posted on

July 30, 2019