Black Pacu

Where in the world?

Amazon and Orinoco river basins and flood plains of northern South America.


Animal Facts:

Ravenous eaters, the omnivorous diet of Black Pacu includes fruits, nuts and grains, insects, snails and decaying plants.  The largest part of their diet is fruits and seeds, and these fish are important for seed dispersal for some plants.

Black Pacu may live 20-25 years and may grow 3.5 feet long.

A popular aquaculture fish because they are very resistant to disease, Black Pacu are also used by humans as a source of food.

Did you know?

Pacu are related to piranha, but they have very different teeth!  Their teeth resemble human molars and are used for grinding hard foods like snails, nuts and fruit.

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November 9, 2018