Black-throated Monitor

Where in the world?

Tropical and subtropical forests of Tanzania and Central Africa.


Animal Facts:

Black-throated monitors are usually a dark gray-brown with yellow or beige spots and are the largest species of rock monitor, growing to more than 60 pounds and up to 7 feet long from snout to the end of the tail.

When threatened by a predator that they cannot hide from, monitors will stand upright, make a hissing sound, and fill their lungs with air to look larger.  If this is not enough to deter the predator, monitors will lunge and attack by using its tail as a whip, slashing with its sharp claws, and biting.  The teeth are quite sharp and inject venom that causes swelling and excessive bleeding.

Usually swallowing their prey whole, black-throated monitors eat small prey such as fish, eggs, large roaches, rodents, crustaceans, small birds and reptiles.  Their jaws are strong enough to crush large bones, eliminating the need to chew their food.

Did you know?

Black-throated monitors are semi-arboreal, living in trees or holes at the bottom of trees.  Unlike other monitor species, they are incapable of swimming and don’t have any inclination towards the water.

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November 27, 2018