Where in the world?

Scrublands, grasslands and open woodlands of Australia.


Animal Facts:

The word parakeet means “long tail” and refers to small and medium-sized parrots with long tail feathers. This species is known as the Common Parakeet, Budgerigar or Budgie.

Nomadic seed-eaters, wild Budgerigars follow available food and water across dry regions of Australia. They spend winters in the north and in spring and summer return to the southern regions.

The fleshy area containing the nostrils above the beak is called a cere. Males have blue ceres, and the ceres of females are brown during the breeding and pale brown to white when not breeding.


Did you know?

These parakeets are the most common pet bird in the world and the third most common pet overall, after dogs and cats.

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  1. Jade

    The cere colors tend to differ in albino (blue absent) and lutino (green absent) colored parakeets. Adult males can keep their pale purple cere, which is traditionally only seen in young parakeets. Young female parakeets usually have a pale blue cere which turns to white initially when they mature. Males have a pale purple or pink cere which turns blue when they mature.


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November 27, 2018