Where in the world?

Seabeds in temperate and tropical seas around the world.


Animal Facts:

Catsharks got their name from their rounded snout and elongated eyes, like a cat. Catsharks also have two small dorsal fins that are set farther back along the tail and their small size, with most species of Catshark only growing as long as 3 feet in length.

Catsharks are found in very shallow waters to depths of over 6,500 feet. Some species live in shallower waters during the warmer part of the year and migrate to deeper waters for the winter months.

Catsharks are nocturnal bottom feeders, eating small fish and invertebrates. Catsharks rely heavily on their sense of smell and electromagnetic field detection, so hunting at night gives them an extreme advantage over their prey that rely more on vision to detect predators.

Did you know?

Some species of Catshark lay their eggs in tough outer cases onto the seabed (oviparous), while some keep their embryos until they’re completely developed and then give live birth (ovoviviparous).



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August 1, 2019