Colorado River Toad

Where in the world?

Desert and semi-arid regions in the Sonoran Desert of southwestern U.S. and northwestern Mexico.


Animal Facts:

Also called Sonoran Desert Toads, these toads are the largest native to the United States. They can grow about 7.5 inches long.

Colorado River Toads are semi-aquatic and are found in or near water sources. During dry seasons, they dwell in rodent burrows and may go into a state of dormancy.

These toads eat anything they can capture. Their diet is mainly invertebrates, but they have been known to consume lizards, mice and other toads.

Did you know?

The large glands behind the eyes are called paratoid glands and they secrete defensive toxins. The toxins of the Colorado River Toad cause nausea and even death when ingested by predators such as dogs.

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November 13, 2018