Cownose Stingray

Where in the world?

Tropical and subtropical bays and estuaries in the Caribbean Sea and western Atlantic Ocean.


Animal Facts:

Cownose rays get their name from their unique forehead, which resembles the nose of a cow.  They are strong swimmers and migrate long distances in large groups, sometimes up to thousands of individuals.

This ray uses two modified fins near its mouth to create suction and bring food directly into its mouth.  They eat shelled invertebrates such as clams and oysters.

Though they are a type of stingray, Cownose Rays are not very dangerous to humans.  Their spine is located near the base of the tail and they don’t swim near the bottom like other venomous rays.


Did you know?

Cownose Rays form large schools of up to 10,000 rays as they migrate north in the running behind spring and south in the late fall.

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Posted on

November 9, 2018