Fancy Rat

Where in the world?

Originally native to south-east Siberia, north-east China, and parts of Japan, but now occurs worldwide as an introduced species.


Animal Facts:

Fancy Rats come in a wide variety of colors and coat types.  Often times, the fur color is brown, white, tan, black, or a combination.

Fancy Rats are quite independent, loyal, and easily trained.  They are often considered more intelligent than other domesticated rodents.

On average, Fancy Rats grow to a body length of 8-10 inches.  Like other rodent species, the incisors of Fancy Rats continue growing throughout their life.

While rats get a bad reputation, domesticated species, like Fancy Rats, are incredibly intelligent and affectionate pets.

Did you know?

The Brown or Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus, is the species which was domesticated into what we recognize as Fancy or pet rats. This animal began steadily colonizing Europe, particularly England, in the early 18th century.



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July 31, 2019