Frilled Lizard

Where in the world?

Sub-humid to semi-arid woodlands of Australia and New Guinea.


Animal Facts:

Also called Frill-neck Lizards or Frilled Dragons, these lizards have a large frill that is usually folded, but is spread open for territorial displays or startling predators.

Frilled Lizards average 33 inches in length and their frill may reach almost 12 inches across!

These lizards are arboreal, meaning they spend most of their time in trees. They lie against a tree branch or trunk and are camouflaged by their coloration and the texture of their frill folds.

Did you know?

Frilled Lizards are insectivores, and they binge-eat during the wet season when food is abundant. They descend from the trees to prey upon thousands of flying ants and termites.

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Posted on

January 29, 2019