Giant Vietnamese Centipede

Where in the world?

Throughout the word’s tropical and subtropical regions.


Animal Facts:

The Giant Vietnamese Centipede is a colorful centipede species ranging 7-8 inches long full grown. Like all centipedes, they have 1 pair of legs per body segment. Their body is a red or brown color with yellow or orange legs.

Contrary to what their name suggests, they are not found solely in Vietnam. They are found throughout the worlds’ tropical and subtropical regions, especially in Southeast Asia.

With such a wide geographic range, the Giant Vietnamese Centipede is known by many names including the Chinese Red Head, Giant Centipede, Jungle Centipede, Orange-legged Centipede, and Red-headed Centipede.

Giant Vietnamese Centipedes are active predator and will eat any prey it can overwhelm.


Did you know?

The Giant Vietnamese Centipede is one of only 3 species of centipedes in Hawaii.



Posted on

July 31, 2019