Glowing Fish

Where in the world?

Glowing Fish are not found in the wild.


Animal Facts:

Glowing fish are not naturally occurring animals. They were first developed at the National University of Singapore in 1999, where scientists took the a green protein extracted from a marine jelly and inserted it into a zebrafish embryo.

These scientists, and another group that created a green medaka fish, sold rights to market the glowing fish as pets. More varieties were developed, so there are multiple species of fish that come in colors isolated from a variety of jellies, corals and sea anemones.

Biofluorescence is when an animal emits light of one color when light of a different color touches it. Colors within the visible light spectrum are needed for the glowing fish to glow, so they don’t require any special lighting to see.

Did you know?

Glowing fish are the only publicly available genetically modified animal in the United States, and were determined to be no more harmful to people and the environment than normal zebrafish and tetras, which are common pets.



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May 29, 2019

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