Green Moray Eel

Where in the world?

Rocky shores, coral reefs and other shore habitats in the western Atlantic Ocean.


Animal Facts:

Adults are often found around 6 feet long, though these morays can reach up to 8 feet in length and up to 65 pounds.

During the day, the Green Moray is known to hide in rocky crevices, extending its head from the opening.  They are nocturnal – actively foraging at night.

Morays always have their mouths open, as the movement of opening and closing the jaws creates water flow over the moray’s small gills. They would suffocate if they closed their mouths!

Did you know?

The scale-less, thick skin is covered in a yellowish mucus layer that protects this animal from parasites and diseases.  The yellow mucus on top of brown skin causes the Green Moray to appear a green-tinted color.

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Posted on

November 9, 2018