Green Wing Macaw

Where in the world?

Forest habitats of Central and South America and Mexico.


Animal Facts:

Green Wing Macaws are part of the parrot family. They have a hooked beak that helps them in cracking nuts, eating, and climbing.

Green Wing Macaws also have zygodactyl feet, which means they have 2 toes in front and 2 toes in back, allowing them to use their feet like hands.

Green Wing Macaws are large red, green, and blue and typically found in Central to South America. They reach on average 36 inches from head to tail with a wingspan of 41-49 inches.

The largest threat to wild Green Wing Macaws is deforestation in South American rainforests.

Did you know?

Green Wing Macaws are the 2nd largest macaw species. They are often mistaken for the smaller but similar Scarlet Macaw.

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January 31, 2019