Where in the world?

Released in freshwaters worldwide; invasive in many countries.


Animal Facts:

Common Carp were raised for food across Europe and Asia in ancient times.  In Japan, they were bred for color in the 1820s and became Koi.  Most Koi varieties were developed from this original stock.

Humans continue to selectively breed Koi for colors and patterns.  If allowed to breed freely for a few generations, offspring will have the original grey coloration of the Common Carp.

Like other carp, Koi are bottom-feeding omnivorous fish, eating insects, plants, plankton and detritus, or sinking organic particles.


Did you know?

“Koi” is the Japanese word for carp.  This word sounds the same as a Japanese word for love or affection, so these fish are symbols of friendship and love.

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November 9, 2018