Madagascar Day Gecko

Where in the world?

Rainforests on the eastern coast of Madagascar.


Animal Facts:

Madagascar Day Geckos are among the largest of geckos alive today, growing as long as 9 inches. Their light or bluish green body color has lighter tones between the scales and a rust colored stripe extends from the nostril to behind the eye. These geckos also have brownish or red-brick colored dots along their back which may form a thin line along their mid back. They do not have eyelids and have flattened toe pads on their feet.

These day geckos feed on many insects and arachnids as well as some fruits. They also like to lick hard, tart fruit, pollen and nectar found on Coonatorious Palm trees.

Males can be quite quarrelsome and do not accept other males in their neighborhood.

Did you know?

Reptile experts introduced the Madagascar Day Gecko to the garden surrounding a restaurant in the Florida Keys. The garden provides excellent possibilities for the geckos to reproduce and the experts return yearly to collect excess geckos for sale in pet shops.



Posted on

July 31, 2019