Neon Tree Dragon

Where in the world?

Tropical mountain jungles of southwest China and Tibet.


Animal Facts:

Neon Tree Dragons are an active and arboreal species, meaning that they spend a lot of time in trees. Their legs and toes are long and have sharp claws to help them climb. Their coloration is usually shades of brown or green with lighter or darker spots.

Male Neon Tree Dragons have black markings that take the form of a solid line running down their backs. On females, the markings are broken up into a series of diamond or square black shapes with green in between.

The average size of an adult Neon Tree Dragon is 10 – 12 inches, including the tail. These lizards feed mostly on insects, spiders and small vertebrates.

These lizards are part of the genus agama and are relatives of the Uromastyx and Bearded Dragon.

Did you know?

On a male, the black markings their back will take the form of an unbroken line running the length of their back; on the female it will be broken up into a series of diamonds or squares with green in between. Additionally, mature males will sport a small crest running from the back of their head and covering the back of their neck. They also have a larger dewlap.



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May 29, 2019

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