Orbicular Batfish

Where in the world?

Reefs, channels, and deep lagoons in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf.


Animal Facts:

Orbicular batfish have an important role to play in their environment as they eat a lot of seaweed, stopping the weeds from taking over the reefs where they live. They also eat small fish and crustaceans.

Young batfish are dark colored with orange highlights to help them camouflage in lagoons and mangroves, when they are larger they change to a more lightly colored, striped appearance and are large enough to not have many predators to worry about in open waters.

They can grow up to 50cm (almost 20 inches) in length.


Did you know?

The thin, flat tail of the orbicular batfish accounts for about 20% of their total body length.



Posted on

July 30, 2019