Pink Toe Tarantula

Where in the world?

From Costa Rica to Brazil and the southern Caribbean.


Animal Facts:

Adult Pink Toe Tarantulas have a dark-colored body and pinkish feet, whereas juveniles have pinkish bodies and dark-colored feet.

Pink Toe Tarantulas reach an average of 6 inches in length.

They are arboreal, meaning they prefer higher branches rather than ground level.

A Pink Toe Tarantula flicks hairs at its enemies for defense by using a back leg to rub its abdomen and loosen the guard hairs which are itchy to sensitive areas of the predator’s skin.


Did you know?

Pink Toe Tarantulas are known to lure in their prey through the process of stationization, the act of remaining in a trance-like state until moment of attack.



Posted on

July 31, 2019