Pygmy Goat

Where in the world?

Originally domesticated in Europe from West African dwarf goats; they are now widely distributed around the world.


Animal Facts:

Thy pygmy goat was originally bred from the West African dwarf goat after colonial British brought some back to Europe. They have since gained popularity among both farmers and breeders in many countries because of their small size, friendliness, and ability to adapt to virtually all climates.

Males (called billies) can weigh around 60-85 pounds, while the females (called nannies) are around 50-75 pounds.   Pygmies are fully grown around 3-4 years, measuring 16-23 inches tall at their withers.

Pygmy goats are grazers, having a four-chambered stomach to digest their diet of grasses, brush, and weeds.  Though, like other goats, they will eat almost anything, including clothing, furniture, and garbage.

Having a friendly and playful nature, pygmies love to jump and climb on rocks or stumps.  They also need a companion because of their social nature and will even form companionships with animals from other species.


Did you know?

A baby goat is called a “kid”, so female goat giving birth is “kidding”. A Pygmy goat pregnancy lasts 5 months, giving birth to 1-4 kids.  Pygmies are precocial, meaning that their young are born able to walk and eat on their own with minimal help from the parents.



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July 31, 2019