Red-eyed Tree Frog

Where in the world?

Rainforest canopies in Central America.


Animal Facts:

Adult female Red-eyed Tree Frogs grow up to 3 inches long, while the smaller males reach only 2 inches long.

These nocturnal frogs hide their purple or blue sides, orange toes, and red eyes while they sleep during the day, for excellent camouflage among leaves. At night, they hunt small insects and other arthropods.

When disturbed, these frogs open their bulging, bright red eyes. Red is often a color that indicates toxicity, and the sudden reveal is meant to momentarily distract the potential predator, giving the frog a chance to spring to safety.

Did you know?

Young froglets have yellow eyes after metamorphosis from the tadpole stage.  After about two weeks, red appears on the outer edge of the iris and spreads inward over a few days.



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May 30, 2019

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