Small Polyp Stony Coral

Where in the world?

Throughout all of the world’s oceans.


Animal Facts:

Stony Corals are the architects of the reef structure. They have 6-fold symmetry as well as a calcium-based skeleton. 6-fold symmetry means the coral has six tentacles or tentacles in multiples of six.

The reef aquarium hobby long ago divided stony corals into two categories, Large Polyp Stony (LPS) and Small Polyp Stony (SPS). This antiquated view still serves as a guideline for care where SPS need more attention to detail than their LPS counterparts. SPS corals tend to demand very intense light, strong currents, and pristine water balance compared to the more adaptable LPS corals.

SPS Corals are the builders of calcium carbonate reef structures found in the wild. The skeleton of these corals is slowly secreted by the skin at the base of each coral polyp. Some SPS corals can grow very quickly while others can take seemingly forever to show any growth.

Did you know?

As with any rule, there are a multitude of exceptions. There can be a world of difference between two species of SPS coral when it comes to coral husbandry, so coral hobbyists must research which SPS corals can exist in the same tank conditions.



Posted on

July 31, 2019