Southern Stingray

Where in the world?

Tropical and subtropical waters of the Western Atlantic Ocean.


Animal Facts:

Southern Stingrays are native to tropical and subtropical waters of the western Atlantic Ocean from New Jersey to southern Brazil.

Female Southern Stingrays are larger than males averaging a width of 60 inches while males average a width of 26 inches.

Southern Stingrays are predominantly gray with white underbellies as juveniles. While adults are greenish-brown with white underbellies. Southern Stingrays have a diamond shaped body.

Southern Stingrays are nocturnal predators who spray water from their mouths or flap their fins to disturb the substrate and find any hidden prey.

Did you know?

Stingrays have spiracles that allow them to filter oxygen without moving throughout the water.

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Posted on

January 30, 2019