Spectacled Caiman

Where in the world?

Found in virtually all lowland wetland and riverine habitats throughout Central and South America.


Animal Facts:

The Spectacled Caiman got its name from a bony ridge between the eyes, which gives the appearance of a pair of spectacles.

The Spectacled Caiman is a small to medium-sized crocodilian, reaching a maximum length of about eight feet.

Caimans eat frogs, fish, birds and small mammals.

Overall a typical crocodilian gray-green coloration, this species has been known to change color.  During colder weather, the black pigment, found within their skin cells, will expand, making them appear darker.

Did you know?

The eyes of caimans and crocodiles reflect a brilliant ruby-red color when shined with a flashlight.  This makes locating them at night easy, and can be bad for the crocodiles if poachers are trying to kill them for their valued skins.

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November 6, 2018