Tiger Salamander

Where in the world?

A variety of habitats across temperate North America.


Animal Facts:

Adult Tiger Salamanders are some of the largest terrestrial, or land-dweller salamanders, averaging 6-8 inches in length.  Males are usually larger and have longer tails than females.

Tiger Salamanders are considered a type of Mole Salamander, as they spend most of the time in underground burrows.  Unlike other species that use burrows created be other animals, Tiger Salamanders may dig their own.

At night, Tiger Salamanders leave their burrows to eat mostly invertebrates like insects and worms, as well as small vertebrates such as larvae of frogs or other salamanders.

Did you know?

Salamanders are amphibians with three life stages: the egg hatches into an aquatic juvenile with feathery external gills and no legs, then the juvenile develops legs and lungs, loses its gills, and usually lives on land.  Sometimes Tiger Salamanders pause halfway through their metamorphosis and can be found with both legs and external gills!

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November 21, 2018